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We treat every project with a unique approach and fresh thinking.

We create unique and bespoke workshops for you, providing opportunities to develop great coding and teamwork skills inspired by award winning 12 year old, Hackerfemo.

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  • "It was really good because my school doesn’t provide these things." "I enjoyed my experience because I got to do things I wouldn’t be able to do [normally]." "I didn’t want to come at first but it was actually fun." "I really like it here and I had so much fun." "I liked today because I had fun." "It was amazing. :)" "I loved it! :)" "I enjoyed when I coded my pumpkin to light up." "I like the robot cars and Minecraft." "I liked experimenting with colours(Neopixels)." "I loved everything! The activities were awesome and all the teachers are very patient! Recommended."  Sam "Love the flashing pixels!" "My favourite part was the Minecraft micro:bit workshop"  Lizzie "I like everything in here."
  • "Awesome workshop! So encouraged that this is available for children for free! Thank You!" "As always just brilliant! Femi is an inspiration!" "Fantastic way to introduce children to coding! Really engaging staff! Thanking You! :)" "Not just for people who already know they love computers! Loads of fun for everyone." "Great Afternoon! All three children loved it! Thank You for all your hard work today!" "My child has thoroughly enjoyed himself and loves all this coding! He has been proud of all that he has been able to achieve today. Thank You so much, we look forward to more of these events!" Deborah  (Joseph’s mum) "Loads of enthusiasm and play  - value for kids and lots of colours!" "What a lovely day. Joshua really enjoyed himself and if he didn’t like one activity, he could do another one. It was nice to spend time with the other participants from the community. " Keith and Nancy "Such an inspiring day" - Dylan
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    "It was relaxed and welcoming. Both my children could attend while I had a coffee in the cafe! There aren't many coding activities in this area for children. My son has sensory processing issues so is often reluctant to try new activities in the holidays (he won't go to sports camp, for example) however he settled quickly at your event and I felt comfortable leaving him. He really enjoyed it and said he would like to do it again. My daughter also enjoyed it - even though she was outnumbered by boys this didn't put her off! She is really interested in computer coding so it was great to find a local workshop. I also really liked that they weren't sat down the whole time - you got them up and moving around and interacting with each other, which was brilliant. Also it was nice they got a drink and snack."
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    "I enjoyed the micro:bit Fitbit part it was so fun! Femi is a very good teacher and a great coder "
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