CamJam Review


Talk about Festival of Code at CamJam

Today I did my speech about Festival of Code at the Cambridge CamJam event. I was a bit nervous but it actually went pretty well. The audience seemed interested and  asked some questions afterwards. Next time, I’ll take my time to go through my points. (See video footage below)

After my talk, I was able to enjoy the rest of the day. I did some  awesome soldering with Connor from Pimoroni. One of the LEDs didn’t work and I liked how he just got me to add a bit of wire across the part of the circuit where the poor connection was.Soldering with Pimoroni

In the afternoon, I was lucky enough to go to the Explore the Minecraft API with Javascript but the guy who paired up with me – kinda took over. The programme language was a bit like what we used in York with the Robots- blocks of code – like a cross between Scratch and Javascript.  I would have preferred to have worked on my own because I wasn’t able to read the handout. It would have been nice to have some of it explained  a bit more, as well.

Meanwhile, mum got to talk to the Pimoroni guys. Phil, who did the actual coding for the Skywriter HAT, came and checked out our robot arm which was connected to our Raspberry Pi and helped her set it all up. How cool is that! She had a great time talking to lots of people – I almost starved at lunch because she was too busy talking!Phil from Pimoroni - helping set up robotic arm with his daughter

I spent quite a long time on the Picade– loved the game that was like Pac Man. I had a great day in Cambridge – thank you CamJam!  Mum bought me a little CrumbleBot as a thank you, that was nice too. Even travelling back to London on the train – we enjoyed chatting to John (from Richmond) and my FOC mentor – Marc Grossman. I was sad to leave Marc behind when we got on a different train at Blackfriars.

I’ll be posting regular blogs on a Sunday evening  from 20th September. Next week we are going to PyCon in Coventry. We are going to take our robotic arm and see if a developer will help us do some coding for linking Sky Writer to the Robotic arm’s python code.


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