Crowd Funding Appeal – Going Live this morning


I’ve just gone live with my appeal – making the video yesterday, was not fun. The rain became part of the film!  Anyway, this very nice photographer, from South London Press came over – and taught mum some new tricks with twitter and even gave our first donation – Thank you Magnus. Sadly I missed English (:D).


Here an extract and link  to my appeal page on Indiegogo:

South London Raspberry Jam

with Code club

 *Autism/Tourette’s Friendly 

As you know I love coding, the community is amazing but I also want others to have the same experience.  I know the guys in my Tourette’s group would love a chance to hack Minecraft and build robots but are concerned about a non-understanding environment.

So, me and my mum and a bunch of cool people from the Coding community have organized a Raspberry Jam – basically  ‘a day of coding and physical computing’ where young people and their families can get a taster… in a fully inclusive environment – somewhere that’s genuinely Autism and Tourette’s friendly.”

Afterwards we will roll out a six week code club and then, through the young participants, plan a big Christmas Raspberry Jam on 12th December. The great thing is that once we start – each term we can roll out another series of events using the same resources but with more young coding mentors leading the way. We will also be giving teachers the opportunity to visit and observe our sessions to promote cool coding activities in local schools.

 Please make a donation – if you can, you £5 would be great


We have just two weeks to raise £500!


Link to Appeal


If you can’t donate – please re-tweetforward or share our link to as many people as you can. That will really help to raise awareness of our campaign.


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