Update on Appeal for South London Raspberry Jam


Can you believe it? We have almost got to our target of £500 with our Funding- raising appeal. Made the mistake of telling some friends at school I’d be in the South London Press on Friday but it didn’t happen! But the photographer said we’d missed the deadline so hopefully on Tuesday. Not going to say anything this time.


My friend, Sorrel, came over as we’re both going to be young coding mentor at our Raspberry Jam. We went through some Minecraft & Python exercises that are available at Raspberry Pi’s website. We preceded to test the limits like any decent hacker would.


Next, we are going to look at some awesome Minecraft sessions from @nscomputing. Will keep you posted.

To Donate -follow this link: http://igg.me/at/slrjam

[As this blog has been written we have had 3 more donations – total £479]

Also, mum has been busy with Marc getting website up.


Thank you to all the support out there for our project!  It’s fantastic!


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