Update on South London Raspberry Jam



It has been a long week – the campaign is going great and our tickets have done well – 26/36 children’s tickets have been released so we’ve added another 9 tickets.  Mum’s working super hard and has a great line up of workshop champions and she’s trying to make it even more awesome – hoping to get Kano to do a workshop – they sent me a great email about how they like our campaign and want to support our event.  Yesterday I found out it’s a small world when me & mum went to an open day in a South London school  and we bumped into Luka – (Festival of Code winner from last year). Their computer department is amazing. And mum asked Luka if he’d run our Web workshop as Wendy has hurt her back. Oh yes – my submission for running a workshop in the Youth Zone at this year’s MozFest 2015 has been accepted! This is amazing news and I’m very very happy.

Over the weekend, my friend – Sorrel came over again to finish of the Craig Richardson‘s Raspbery Pi & Minecraft  exercises. You have to change the first two lines of code – just look up what they use on Raspberrypi.org She did really well and went on to do a Sonic Pi and Minecraft  exercise from Dan Aldred (@dan_aldred) who has been generous by sending material and offering to send some copies for our Jam. But the speaker didn’t work, we’d ran out of lollies and mum said it was time to finish.

Just 3 days left of our Indiegogo campaign. We have reached our initial target and going for our wish list. We need a little bit more to buy some re-conditioned iPads to run an introduction to Minecraft for parents and Junior Scratch for the young ones. You can still donate if you haven’t already –


Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. And thanks to Marc Grossman for setting up and maintaining our website – southlondonraspberryjam.org.uk   Thanks as well to  ICUK for hosting our website for free.


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