Amazing campaign results and three great events this weekend



Had such a great time with our Indiegogo campaign. I really can’t believe we raised £1207 for our South London Raspberry Jam. Our tickets are just about finished (86 tickets so far) and 50% have been taken by  Autism/Tourette’s Syndrome families.  Thanks mum for putting in all that hard work too. I’m very excited by the Kano workshops planned for our Raspberry Jam and a visit from David Whale of ‘Adventures in Minecraft‘ – fame. We hear he’s got some awesome new material!


On Saturday it was Dragon Hall’s CoderDojo London‘s first birthday and as usual it was buzzing. Their events are always totally  awesome with  a diverse range of people joining in. Wendy is always there to make sure it all runs smoothly and everyone listens when it is Show & Tell time. I attended my Hyper Local YRS Westminster – there at the same time because Wing (YRS Ambassador) has arranged to run sessions from Dragon Hall!  It’s great  as I could attend both at the same time. It was nice to catch up with Frank & his son, Hacker Jimbo, Luca, Zak, Louis and Krish. I presented my App idea, after an Ideation workshop, linked to a weather forecast API and a talking Raspberry Pi sending out alerts as you go towards the front door.  On the train home, when me & mum discussed it some more – some people on the train joined in and said they loved the idea!

CRDUlhMWUAATSSyToday, me & mum went to the Egham Raspberry Jam – didn’t start well due to a Goggle maps – crazy walk  between the train station & Gartner’s HQ which took 30 mins instead of the ‘direct’ route that should have taken 10 mins. Anyway – it was a lovely sunny day and we got some exercise! This event  was very interesting – it wasn’t about the usual workshops but purely a ‘Show & Tell’ event. We met Nevil who has devised a great  learning kit called PiTrol which involves working on the PiGames, ‘Worms” – you make the games controller from scratch and then change the game to be more fun  with up to four players. He demonstrated another great  ‘Seven Segments of Pi’ kit too.We’ve taken one home to try (review to follow). Then there was a family who had created some little animations of rabbits in javascript and made it into a game in Python – where you could create your own levels. We also met Carl Monk with his latest projects and the Crumble bot.  Mum made a good contact with the guys from Hack Horsham – and volunteered my services at the end of the month. Thanks Mum!  They have been doing some amazing stuff with their code clubs – their massive LED spotlights using a Pi and Arduino was really good.  Anyway it was great to catch up with the Southend Raspberry Jam crew – Andy, Derek & Mark, especially as they gave us a lift to the station, on the way home! Thanks to Albert and Egham Raspberry Jam for a really fun (played lots of other people’s games) and interesting afternoon.

In the next blog I will be doing an in-depth review of our South London Raspberry Jam. Until then have a nice week.


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