Visit to BBC Digital and talk at Osper – main sponsor for our South London Raspberry Jam

 Our visit to Opser

Our visit to Opser: “I just wanted to stay there all day – just play on my computer and chat to people”

Visit to BBC Digital

First of all, I managed to gatecrash my mum’s Mums in Technology group’s visit to BBC Digital on Tuesday. It was amazing – I liked the tour and actually I really enjoyed the talks, especially the one by  Bethany Koby from Technology will Save Us. They were so nice to us, donating some DIY Electro Dough  and DIY Game Console Kits for our Autism and Tourette’s friendly Raspberry Jam last week – even couriering them to us so we would get them on time.  Thank you. Did you know that they designed the actual BBC micro:bit? How cool is that! Anyway, mum really likes the physical computing aspect of their kits and hopes to  discuss how to develop resources in relation to Special Education Needs. It would be great to test some of their products.  The BBC micro:bit would actually make school fun, for once! Although I’d have to wait for two more years til year 7.


We had a tour of BBC Digital – going to the Radio 4 recording theatre and then I did a weather forecast with a green screen. It was amazing to see the One Show studio – so small in real life.  Mum really liked the talk by Gemma Pitman who is a tester for BBC Digital. I think she’s manages a team that ensures the BCC iPlayer Radio works smoothly.  Mum was really interested in that talk and now we both want to work at the BBC, especially after Gemma took us on a special tour of the BBC Radio section.FullSizeRender

At BBC Digital with my Festival of Code mentor - Peter Chamberlain

At BBC Digital with my Festival of Code mentor – Peter Chamberlain

We did so much, one of the nicest parts of the day was when we caught up with my mentor from the Festival of Code, Peter Chamberlin,  who works in BBC News as Principal Developer – the digital side. He showed us an awesome touchscreen display where their Agile  scheduling was done.  Thank you for also supporting our Raspberry Jam – some of his team also donated money to our Indiegogo campaign. Hopefully Peter will be coming to our next Jam in December. We had a quick drink in the Media cafe and couldn’t resist the photo opportunity with the Tardis. Sorry for making you late for your meeting – but we really appreciated the time you gave to us. Thank you to June Angelides and Nicola Crowther for organising the event at BBC Digital.

Talk at Osper

On Thursday, I did a talk about our South London Raspberry Jam at Osper. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know how it would go. I was particularily nervous about how nice they would be and whether I’d make a mistake during my presentation.

When we got there – we had to sign in using an iPad with a 3D printed minion stuck on it– both mum and I took ages to get a decent photo (mine was the better one). Then as we went to go up – Sabina met us in the lift and we went up to the 2nd floor that opened straight out into the office – which was a little bit intense with lots of curious but nice faces looked up back at us.

Sabina, made introductions and gave us a lightening tour of the company where we learnt about who does what – like customer services, operations, legal etc and design/development.  They provide debit cards and online banking for young people that are basically managed by parents who can help them to budget their finances. The techy team were set around the corner.  It was really nice to see code on their screens. Then Nico came to help me set up for my talk.


I really enjoyed giving my presentation, the Osper team where really interested and asked lots of inquisitive questions about how we introduce coding to young people. Mum was good too and between us we answered everyone’s questions. Wow – what a lovely team. Mum also really enjoyed it as we found out so much about Tech Startups – which are so different from her job as a teacher in a college. They work closely together and incredibly hard but the team spirit is really strong.  I got my favourite Tango drink, a delicous lunch and some gifts to take home. That was very nice – thank you. I also enjoyed showing the team – the Kano computer kit so they could see how young people can learn about coding in such a cool and fun way. I’m definitely going to be showing it to lots of people. Thanks Kano for donating 3 kits to our South London Raspberry Jam .


Thank you Osper for sponsoring us – it was so cool to have Sandy and Alan join us on the day and have the SLRJam experience.  It was very kind of you to invite me & mum to give a talk – hope you all enjoyed it. You are all very cool people and we look forward to keeping our close contact with you going for the foreseeable future.

By the way, the book I’m really enjoying is  Hacks For Minecrafters: The unofficial Guide to Tips and Tricks that Other Guides won’t Teach you by Megan Miller.


Next week: Review on the Crumblebot and I’d like to do this 3D printing project that will enable us to build a case for the Touchscreen display that we bought to accompany the Kano computer. That might take some time though – see this link.


Don’t forget to tune in every Sunday after 8pm.


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