Good week for the blog, reviewing products and Chelmford Raspberry Jam


IMG_9944We’ve had another busy week – can’t believe it’s back to school tomorrow!

Anyway – lots of exciting news. BBC Digital tagged my blog and also Technology Will Save Us have asked me to review their products. This is mega awesome!!! So we are going to start with the DIY Thirsty Plant kit.


I went with mum to her Mums in Technology session at Accenture and while I was writing books in Minecraft she listened to a talk by Orla McGrath who said one of their Technology Architects may be able help us set up the technological/digital side of our Social Enterprise. We are very excited about this. Mum also attended her last coding session at M&S Digital where a panel of leading women in Technology, like Meri Williams and the founders of Stemettes, talked. Mum met Dominnique Karetsos who asked if I wanted to do a video piece for her Hotmilk Podcast/blog on Christmas, from a 9 yr old Techie’s point of view. This is amazing as she’s got 33,000 viewers each month and it gives me a chance to produce a Xmas  young techie’s wishlist. So far on my list is the Pi Top, CamJam Robot kit, Kano Computer Kit and Technology Will Save Us Kits (DIY Thirsty Plant & Electro Dough kits). It’s going to be a 3 minute video – just need a place to film it.


This afternoon – me and mum went to Chelmsford RaspberryJam as we were invited to do a talk. It was really nice to catch up with Andy and the Southend crew – they were the first Raspberry Jam we went to. It was also nice to see Derek and Isreal (@Isreal_Genius) who we last saw at our own South London Raspberry Jam. Thank you for being there!

From the talks we saw, one was about this amazing set of circuit boards of LED lights run on a bike wheel with changing patterns as it spun round. Also speaking was  Vicci button with her Carpet of Stars instillation she did with Chelmer Valley High School – around 20 students, mostly girls. It presented a visual representation of pollution levels for Chelmsford in four main areas. Andy told us about the techie side, where they collected data directly from the council every 15 minutes which changes the light according to levels of pollution. We should have one of these in Lewisham – maybe not, I think they would remain on red and scare everyone. We’re not the same as Chelmsford. The installation used re-cycled plastic and glass bottles – displayed at the front of the shopping centre.


It’s getting a bit late now but just one more thing – thanks Isreal for showing me the Southend Raspberry Jam’s robot entry for Pi Wars – I think it’s real cool especially with the remote control. Mum’s very happy with plans to run a Robotics Building workshop with Isreal and Andy at our Next Jam on 12th December.


Mum also talked to  Charlie from Ham Goodies about setting up a Simon Says project with nice big LED Arcade buttons and an Uno Micro-controller so we took a photo so we don’t forget how it’s done.FullSizeRender[3]

Must go now – a bit too late for the Crumble Bot review – will post it later in the week.  And for next Sunday, I’ll have  an update on MozFest and how my Physical Computering with the Raspberry Pi  session goes down in the Youth Zone.  Bye for now


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