Week 3 of Code Club, 3D Printing & Winning Award at Hackcess


What a great week I’ve had this week.  Once again I missed Week 3 of our code club because this time I had to visit Croydon Minster as I’ve been invited to apply to be a Boy Chorister. It was really very interesting and I’d like to join but mum’s worried because it is a big, big commitment; two evenings and a Sunday.  Anyway, the code club went very well – mum introduced a challenge. Everyone had to complete three different activities. I hear that it was really fun.

We have also printed out our 3D Raspberry Pi Touchscreen display case – wow it’s turned out really nice.  See Adafruit website. We just have to get screws, Lipo battery and 5V – 3V converter and it’ll be finished.

Whilst I had my Piano music exam, on Saturday morning – mum was having fun meeting people at  Hackcess event – a Hackerthon to make gadgets for people in wheelchairs and other disabled people that will make their lives easier.

We developed an idea for a Wearable self-monitoring button that  enables young people to track and monitor difficulties at school linked to a webpage so they can identify patterns/changes. After pitching our idea, mum got to form a team of really talented hackers which included of an awesome graphic designer – Javier,  a really dynamic coder – Milo and a talented and rising web developer – Jake (all young people). I was the tester and gave feedback on how the product would be used. Guess what – at the end of the weekend, we won one of the four Awards.

We met so many amazing people including George, Nathan and Gurvinder from Whizz_Kidz, the team from   Autodesk Fusion 360, Ultimaker CREAT, Hacksmiths and the brilliant FabLab London.  There were so many great  people there with amazing ideas.CUXwt-dXIAEivxI

I met a young 3D maker called Dillion – he showed me how to print a model of my name using TinkerCAD and mum learnt about Fusion 360. It was amazing to design and create stuff using  software and the 3D printers. You’ve got to try them out.  I’m looking forward to collaborating with Dillion in the future. He’s formed FabKidsLondon – @FabKidsLondon IMG_0407

I’d like to make a special mention to David Whale who helped me with some soldering at  Convert Garden Jam and I really like the 3D cardboard Minecraft models – thank you for being some kind and helping me. Thanks to Dragon Hall – Wendy and to Frank – for inviting us.IMG_0425

Oh by the way – I managed to get top score for hamgoodies.co.uk  – Simon Says game. Thanks Ham Goodies -looking forward to reviewing the kit. At the minute me and mum are designing a  Simon Says kit for our code club members to build – the housing will be designed in Fusion 360 and made by a 3D printer.



See you all next Sunday – if not before with some Product reviews.





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