Chelmsford Raspberry Jam Review

Raspberry Pi


Me and my whole family decided to come and help out at the Chelmsford Raspberry  Jam back in February. I ran a Robotics workshop with my mum using the excellent and  ‘value for money’ CamJam EduKit 3 – paid for by Tourette’s Action.

My dad helped Derek run a soldering workshop using Pocket Money Tronics & Ragworm PCBs – thanks to previous donations. Thanks again to Pimoroni for lending some soldering gear and Rapidonline for extra parts. My little brother ran… well he ran around the library causing havoc!

Anyway about 9 baby robots were birthed see  a few of them below.

Here a short film of some ‘first steps’ moments of some of our Robot creations.

There was a series of talks, Show and Tell stalls and I managed to catch up with CrazySqueak – which is always really nice. HackerJimbo did a talk about creating your own weather station and Andy talked about Astro Pi.

My mum did a little interview with CrazySqueak – see below.

The library was a really nice setting for the Jam and the staff were really positive and supportive – they want to run more hack/ maker events in the future. Thank you Andy, Derek and all the Chelmsford crew for inviting us and I’m looking forward to seeing you around!

Next post – Raspberry Pi 4th Birthday weekender and interview with Eben Upton on the new Raspberry Pi 3 – coming in the next few days. Follow @gowolade to get tweet when  new blog is published.



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