Preparation for MozFest 2016

Raspberry Pi

It has been a long time coming but finally MozFest season is upon us. It was great today, meeting the crew again at Ravensbourne college at the O2. This year Dorine and Andrew, the youth zone wranglers, decided to push my skills further by getting me to collaborate with Nic Hughes (@duck_star ) on a brand new workshop session complete with a worksheet and powerpoint slides.

We have been working hard together to present the all new ‘Crumble Robot’ hack. Its been tried and tested at Nic’s first East London Raspberry Jam, last weekend, so we have been able to fine tune it and improve the worksheet instructions.


So tomorrow at MozFest, me and Nic are going to run a workshop using the Crumble to build robots which will have an Ultra Sonic Sensor added to stop it from hitting the wall when we race them!  Anyone can come along and build a robot using a food container for the chassis, along with a few motors and wheels thrown in. They will then develope some code to get it to move, add the ultra sonic sensor and then we will  race them. Any Robot that fails to stop before hitting the wall will be disqualified. May the best robot win!


This morning I went to MozFest to attend a 2 hour ‘Facilitators’ training session which was very inspirational. It was really cool as it gave me the chance to socialise with other workshop facilitators and find out what’s happening this year. The main message was based around three ideas: respect, being fully present during your session and active listening to your participants  so you understand where they are coming from. Everyone wants to have a successful MozFest and we want to make sure that happens during our sessions.   After that, the Youth Zone facilitators went off and did a session on getting to know each other. Its really cool that we volunteer to help out with each other’s  sessions and I’m looking forward to learning from them.

Thanks to RedFern Electronics  and the Crumble inventor, Joseph Birks, for lending us some of the components for the session.  Also, I really hope Thomas, aged 10, gets the opportunity to come and help us with the session on Saturday. You can book tickets using this link –

Wish us good luck !!!

See how it all went in my next blog post.



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