Saying Farewell to 2016 & Starting 2017 0n a High

Raspberry Pi


First of all – apologies for not keeping up to date. Technical problem – my Mac is broke! But there have been so many things to write about – so I’m going to have to be brief as I’d like to write about the amazing  stuff happening here and now in 2017.


So in October, 2016 we were invited to join Raspberry Pi Foundation at St James’ Palace  to celebrate  10 million Raspberry Pi computers  being sold, with the Duke of York. I actually spoke to him – he asked me what a ‘Jam’ was  – which put me on the spot for a second or two. The Raspberry Pi is now, officially, the most popular British computer. It was really amazing – I went with my mum, little brother and my cousin.

Also in October I ran a Robot workshop at Mozfest with Nic Hughes – see last post. Well, it was awesome –  a full  session and we got really great feedback. What I got out of MozFest this year was being mentored by a first class teacher, coming up with a workshop and then writing a worksheet and presentation. I went to Nic’s first East London Raspberry Jam and delivered the workshop with my dad – then we went through the problems and made changes before running the workshop at Mozfest.



Now, I really enjoy delivering this workshop to loads of other people – like at Hack Horsham in December. It was really nice to see the Horsham crew again, especially Jonathan and Marcus – although none of my  Show & Tell robots were working that well.


At CamJam – mum did a talk about setting up a Raspberry Jam and I had a Show & Tell stall.  I managed to get some components for my Pi Wars robot –  the Zero Borg, a tiny robot controller and Brian Corteil and his son, Billy, gave me a lesson in Robot chassis design and how to consider the challenges and sensors.

We even visited  Cambridge makerspace which is very cool.

Towards the very end of the year we went to Sittingbourne for a Jam with Bethaine Fentiman – who I’m going to be working with  in Margate at half term.

Going into 2017, we got  through to Pi Wars and we have won a place on the second phase of the Astro Pi competition so we got together some of our Jammers at the  South London Makerspace – thanks to Dermot and the Makerspace members for giving us space to hold our sessions. Thanks to Andy for bringing his AstroPi experience to the session.

I also  did  a TED X-like  talk at Thought Works and met some truly awesome people like the guys from Revolution Hive who were so so  inspirational – with the best ever talk I’ve seen – using something like flow poetry and they talked about ‘growth mindset’  and  how changing  things on a daily basis builds its own momentum to get to amazing heights of achievement. Thanks Loius & Keshav .  The biggest thanks go to Shwetal and Jack and the Change_Enablers  crew. Looking forward to the documentary. There were so many  amazing people at ThoughtWorks like Ellie Cooper from Diana Awards, DR J Harrison from ThoughtWorks and Bronte who is doing amazing  work with creativity and dealing with issues in communities in Leeds

So there are quite a few things going on – Pi Wars/Astro Pi and I’m going to run a series of workshops at the Tate Modern with UAL and the Digital Makers Collective.

Just this week,  me and my mum were pleasantly surprised to be featured in the MagPi Magazine – The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s official magazine.


Finally, today we went to the BETT show, one of my favourite events of the year. We got to see lots of friends, do lots of networking and most importantly collect lots and lots of swag. It was nice to meet the main guys at the MicroBit Foundation – talk about projects and find out about new developments. I also got to talk to Sudhir Giri from Google Education and talk about our Jams, blogging and making YouTube videos.

Phew – caught up now!

See you again soon.



















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