I’m taking my Robot workshop to Bangladesh

Raspberry Pi

I am very proud to announce my Bangladesh Campaign. Weʼre raising £1,000 so I can run Robot & Physical Computing workshops for 100  kids from low income families in Bangladesh. As you know, I’m just 11 so my mum’s coming with me. We launched the campaign on 23rd April and did our  first talk at the Wimbledon Jam. We are into week 3 and already 75% funded with additional cash donation – which is fantastic news. We are also being sponsored by Micro:bit Foundation who have given us 100 Micro:bits to give out to the children we see.

At Launch of campaign

With mum and Luke – founder of CAFFE Bangladesh

Here’s my background story.


My first Indiegogo campaign in 2015

I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at the age of seven and, at nine, decided to set up the South London Raspberry Jam which is autism and Tourette’s Syndrome friendly  – where others can learn about coding and physical computing in an inclusive environment. We have run workshops for over 150 young people, parents and teachers and I’d like to reach more young people and so have set up this campaign to run my workshops in Bangladesh to 100 kids from disadvantaged backgrounds and share my love of digital making along the way.

Here’s the link:



I will be working in partnership with the Mozilla community, Code Club Bangladesh, a small charity called CAFFE who work with low income families and NGOs to skill up young people in coding, physical computing and programming to improve life chances.

I’m going to vlog at the end of each day whilst in Bangladesh, which should be quite entertaining  ,  and do lots of filming and interview with other children my age who share my love of coding. Maybe we’ll make a little film about our experience there.


A message from CAFFE


“Everyone at CAFFE is very excited about Femi’s visit. The students will really enjoy learning new skills from someone their own age. They rarely have any opportunity to meet people from other countries so this is a fantastic way to broaden their horizons and learn about Femi’s life too.

This video introduces a couple of our students. You can find out where they live, learn about some of the problems they face but also see the work they are doing at CAFFE.”

Luke Doyle, Founder CAFFE

Link to video CAFFE Video

A message from Code Club Bangladesh


A message from the Micro;bit Foundation

Microbit logo

‘The Micro:bit Foundation is delighted Femi is so proactive in sharing his passion and capabilities in computing with others and encouraging them to learn. It is impressive in the UK; to take it overseas to parts of the world needing support is truly inspiring. The Foundation and its partners believe in the potential effectiveness of the device in areas with restricted digital connectivity due to its low cost, accessibility, flexibility and the option to code using smart phones as well as PCs. We are more than happy to support Femi and look forward to seeing the results of his impressive efforts’

Gareth James BSc (Hons) MSc PGCE CMgr FCMI FRAS MIET
Chief of Education and Strategy
The Micro:bit Foundation


I will post a link to my vlogs when they have been set up.


Here’s some photos and a video of my Crumble Robot Workshop I did on Saturday at Raspberry Pi Foundation HQ.  It’ll gives you an idea of what I’m going to be doing in Bangladesh.


Click link for video:    CrumbleWorkshop

Thanks Redfern Electronics for providing the Crumble  kits. I would also like to thank Tate Exchange for allowing us to film on the 5th Level. I am really looking forward to working with you for 2018. In addition, I would like to send out a big thank you to Tourettes Action who have supported us from the very beginning.

Thanks all





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