Proud to be awarded a Diana Award & Inaugural Legacy Award

Raspberry Pi

HRHS crop

I have some great news. Can you believe it? I am one of only 20 young people in the world to get the Inaugural Legacy Award!!!


In May, this year I was invited to St James’ Palace to receive my award from Their Royal Highnesses, Prince William and Prince Harry. It was a fabulous day of celebration in memory of the late Princess Diana and her legacy of kindness, compassion and service she showed to others. I met some amazing people who were doing awesome things for their community. Amongst them, I made friends with Nicholas Nikiforou – who was diagnosed with a disfigurement and now uses his love of art to advocate for kindness, equality and promotes facial equality, Mathew White-ily – who is an anti-bullying ambassador who has raised awareness of the problems and the difference he made with the  bullying  in his school, and Jemima Browning – who through her highly successful stingrays swimming club has raised awareness about different medical conditions like Down’s Syndrome and has been appointed to the European Youth Activation Committee to represent the Special Olympics in Great Britain.


I have also been very privileged to meet HRH Prince Harry and HRH Prince William in the Throne Room. I even managed to give them both one of my Bangladesh Campaign cards and talk about South London Raspberry Jam and the Robot workshops I run in the community!!!


As you may expect, there was a lot of media coverage. See link below. My school is very proud of my achievement, as are my parents.


SkyNews Link:

I would like to thank Tessy, Daniel, Conor, Emma, Ellie, Becky, Katie Alex and the rest of the Diana Award Crew for all of the hard work they have put into the special Inaugural Legacy Award – you all embody the qualities of the Diana Award: kindness, compassion and service.  I am very grateful for the opportunity I have been given to meet the other Legacy Award holders and get to meet many amazing people at the Palace. Nik – I look forward to becoming good friends.



Other news: Our Bangladesh Campaign is going really well. We have reached the £1,500 mark and still going strong. I would like to say a big thank you to 4Tronix who have donated 11 Robo:Bits Kits so that when I run my robot workshops – I can bring in the Micro:Bit and set a challenge for each group to build a robot with the Micro:Bit – to be coded using an Android phone. They will learn how to write code so that their mobile phones can control the robots.  This is a awesome addition to the project where I aim to run robot workshops to 100 kids in Bangladesh in July and give out out Micro:Bits. See Indiegogo campaign


Bangladesh Campaign Link:


I would like to thank Chris Follows from the UAL Digital Makers Collective for bringing us into the Tate Exchange  and giving our group of South London Raspberry Jammers (young SLRJammers) a session at the Chelsea School of Art and Design – a day of VR.  We are really looking forward to our collaborations with you and very very excited about becoming Tate Exchange Associates for the next round out programming in 2018.  We had an amazing time.



Thanks also, to Ben Nuttall from Raspberry Pi Foundation for running a great workshop on the Pi Camera and launching our first Pioneers MeetUp. As ever,  South London Makerspace – thanks for hosting our group.




I am very proud to have run my very first Tourettes-only robot workshop at the TicFest South last week. 

TicFest workshop

It was quite hard work as there were about 18 young people with  Tourettes Syndrome and other condition such as ADHD and Autism, which made for a very lively and, at times, an intense experience. I just about survived and everybody successfully built their robots with the Ultra Sonic Sensors working!!! I felt such a high afterwards that I had to go and play football outside and leave Mum and my little brother to finish packing away the robot kits. Oops, sorry mum, but it was with my TS friends and it was really hot outside. I promise to make up for it! Alex, you were a superstar (just 6 and now helping out with the workshop – see him in yellow t-shirt on right-size of photo above).

Everybody loved the workshop and we have been booked up for TicFest North in September and I will be running robot workshops for local Tourettes Action groups. I am really really looking forward to doing this. Thank you Tourette’s Action for all your support and the amazing work you do in the TS community.



I am very excited to be returning to the BT Tower for a second time with the Tech4Good Awards networking event. I’ll be doing a talk   and getting to meet  some of this year’s finalists!!! I am also very excited to be going to the Houses of Parliament to celebrate the Diana Awards with  MPs – if I get permission from school.


I will keep you all informed – running a Wearables session with our Pioneers group this weekend and look forward to reporting back. 

Watch this space.



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