Running Coding Workshops over October Half Term

Raspberry Pi

After a successful ‘Sold Out’ series of events at Rise London (Shoreditch) over the Summer holidays with Mums In Technology,  I’ve decided to run another Coding bootcamp for 5-7 years and 8+  but this time a bit closer to home, at the wonderfully quirky cafe  ‘Canvas and Cream’ in Forest Hill. There will be two sessions each morning ( 9.30am 5-7 year olds & 11.30am for age 8+) from Wednesday 25th October – Friday 27th October, 2017.

With the proceeds of the last bootcamp I managed to acquire 5 Robobit buggies for our South London Raspberry Jam. Lets hope we will be just as successful. Each session is £25 to cover cost of hiring the gallery space and equipment, with just 10 places per session and three of us supporting everyone in the group. It is really a lovely way to introduce young ones to coding. The 8+ group will feature  a greater level of challenge but just as fun.

For further details and booking use link below.

Femi’s Coding Bootcamp

Please do forward the link to anyone you know who have awesome adventurous kids!!!!!

Here’s a slideshow of some images from the summer Bootcamp I ran.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are also in the final stages of planning our 4th South London Raspberry Jam in partnership with Phoenix Community Housing (who manage social association housing in East Lewisham). What a great opportunity to further our reach into the community. It’s going to be awesome and we have some premium swag to give away. That event is free and will be based at The Green Man in Catford on Sunday 22nd October from 1-5pm. Hopefully someone from the Microbit Foundation will join us to make our Microbit themed Jam really really special. We’re also got a film crew from New York who will be soaking up the community atmosphere as part of “Make Possible’ campaign for ARM. Think Minecraft hack, making and flashing code using mobile phones and  controlling robots all with the Microbit.

MozFest 2017  is fast approaching and will be running at Ravensbourne college from 27 -29th October. This my third year at MozFest and I’ll be running a mega Microbit Robot hack but also mentoring Roxsana and Foyez who helped deliver coding workshops with me in Bangladesh back in July (see last blog post). They are running a Microbit Badge workshop. This year my mum’s getting in on the action and will be overseeing the VR track as a Youth Wrangler – so that should be fun too.  I think Pycon UK 2017 are running a cool Microbit summit for young people too on the same weekend too but in sunny Cardiff.

*WATCH THIS SPACE – for our South London Raspberry Jam Eventbrite link or  join  our Email Registration  here  SLRJAm Mailing List   for our individual updates.

We are also going to do a Pioneers  two day Hackathon with Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Mister C (Mark).  Here’s the current challenge we will be running the hack  around.  By the end of the weekend you can submit your group’s ideas – we’ll even help you produce your video entry.  We are going to invite London- wide  coding groups to attend to promote Pioneers and show how easy (fun) it is to participate. See Pioneers video below – Armageddon and Zombies. Join us on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November at UAL’s  – Camberwell School of Arts new hacking space. WATCH THIS SPACE – as we will update and post the Eventbrite link here when it is up and running. Thanks to Mister C & Raspberry Pi Foundation and Chris Follows & Digital Maker Collective  at University of Arts, London.


Now for a quick review of other events I’ve been involved with over the summer. I realised two dreams by getting an article published both in First News and South London Press on my Bangladesh trip and I did two talks – one at LEEDO’s charity fund-raising event and the other at IoT ThingMonk event. It was really nice to share my experiences in Bangladesh.


First News Article

Talk at LEEDO fund-raising event- NGO for Street Children in Bangladesh


Talk at IoT ThingMonk Event

I also got interview by BBC Facebook, Channel 5 News (live) and for Radio on my Diana Awards on the 20th anniversary of Princess Dian’s  death. It was really nice thinking about all the other Diana Award winners and the amazing things they are all doing for their communities. During a lovely Bank Holiday at the end of August we visited Althorp House  and  I learnt so much about the historical history linked to the Spencers.

Resting place of the late Princess Diana at Althorp House


Busy time being interviewed about Diana’s legacy of community work


I happy to report I ran another 3 Crumble Robot Workshops for young people with Tourettes Syndrome, like myself. TicFest North was amazing – based in Bakewell in Derbyshire. I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone again next year. Thanks Katie from Digital Eagles Lab for joining us for the day and talking about additional service Barclays Bank provide for people with disabilities. Thank you Tourettes Action for organising such an amazing camping weekend. It was the first time, for some of the kids, they had met anyone else with Tourettes Syndrome. Events like this are so important and the parents really appreciate it too.

Here’s a slideshow of images from the workshops at TicFest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I  really enjoyed catching up with everyone at the Convent Garden Jam and running a Microbit workshop.  It was really nice to share the fun of coding with other young people but also their parents. Hope we have inspired a few people.


Microbit Workshop at Convent Garden Jam


Our Pioneers group are still meeting at South London Makerspace  and we have been planning lots of VR activities for MozFest 2017 and our upcoming Tate Exchange programmes. Thanks so much to Chris Follows, Kirstin and Josh  at Digital Maker Collective for helping us learning about setting up VR equipment and we are looking forward to being taught how to use Photogrammetry to import objects into the VR environment. We are also looking forward to the prospects of using the new Makerspace at Camberwell college of Art UAL.


At Chelsea College of Art & Design – getting familiar with VR set up


I even had time to attend a week long Unity course with FireTech Camp . Thank you so much Alex – you are an awesome tutor. Thank you to Jill, too, for granting me a scholarship. Please do look at their courses and apply for a scholarship if you can’t afford to pay the full amount. They are top quality. To apply for a scholarship  -You complete a short online form and send in a short video clip.


My Unity tutor at FireTech Camp

Bye for now.



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