Location: St Dunstan’s College:

Title:Cello Day – Recital of The Magic Flute Variations by Beethoven  and Sonata by Chopin


Tim Lowe – Cello

Andrew Brownell – piano


What an amazing time we had at St Dunstan’s during our Cello Day at the weekend. At the start of the day while the parents had a special session with an ABRSM examiner, we split up into two main groups: Senior and Junior Cello Ensembles. Then straightaway we started using our sight-reading skills and broke down our pieces: The Dancing Carrot, The Echo Song and Happy Hoppers. With the Echo song, Oscar and I were asked to play the harder part with Ario and Lloyd -which was a good challenge. After that we had a break – yummy biscuits, drinks and we were given the chance to let off some steam. Then we went back and fixed up a couple of the pieces, fine-tuned our performances before heading for the main hall.

We got the chance to see the amazing Tim Lowe play a couple of beautiful pieces of music accompanied by the awesome pianist, Andrew Brownell. They first played The Magic Flute Variations by Beethoven which was an intriguing, quite emotional piece that really connected with me especially with the incredible position changes. The second piece, Sonata by Chopin was cool and dynamic with lots of articulated contrasts which transmitted feelings of both happy thoughts but also small flashes of sadness too. In the last part, beautiful legato sounds gradually transformed to a dark staccato mood. Each new element added to the building crescendo, taking it to the next stage. Lowe added a stunning vibrato edge as he lost himself in the piece – that became more and more intense, leading to a very dramatic finale. Simply amazing!

After the performance, we came back, inspired and fixed the rest of the pieces before heading off to lunch, where Mr. Armstrong, our PE teacher, took us all out to do a bit of rounders. When we came back we had the chance to watch the Seniors practice-which was really interesting. Then, one last practice to polish everything up. Finally after our last break both the Seniors and Juniors did their performances. It was amazing, so nice to wow all the parents but actually the sense of achievement was the real gift – thank you Mr Mansfield, Mr Wood and everyone involved in setting up the Cello Day.


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